William Mills Tompkins was a former aerospace designer for Douglas Aircraft Company in the early '60s,[1] who claimed to have witnessed, first-hand, classified live feed from the Apollo 11 Lander:[2]

Columbia: “There are other ships here, they are enormous.”

William Tompkins' rendition of fleet presence, as allegedly viewed on live-feed from Apollo 11.


Zenú out-of-place artifacts (c. 200 BCE)


W. M. Tompkins had a solid career in rocket and aerodynamic designs. Thus, his methodical renditions of spacecraft should be measured with caution—as to how much of the features conveyed, are actually embellished, or too technical. The 3D-like image-based meshing appearance of the fleet, at the Sea of Tranquility, may not have reflected the true contours of the actual ships (See also Extraterrestrial, morphology). However, the concept that Tompkins conveyed for the Apollo 11 encounter, has an over-all striking resemblance to the 2000 year old Zenú[3] out-of-place artifacts (See also Quimbaya artifacts).

Space exploration hypeEdit


April 1962 design concepts, [from left to right] the Saturn I, Saturn V and "Nova C8" rockets.

The progress of the Apollo program, in the early sixties, created much anticipated hype for interstellar space exploration, especially with a newly founded NASA that became operational 01 October 1958.[4] High hopes to establish moon bases, and Mars missions were on the plates of virtually every aerodynamics company wanting a primary contract with NASA. The Nova rocket concept series, was highly anticipated to take mankind to the stars. However, with a limited government budget, NASA could only do so much, and many proposals were dropped. By 1964, NASA decided that the Saturn rocket series best suited its agenda.[5] W. M. Tompkins was right in the middle of it all,[1] when NASA awarded the Douglas Aircraft Company contracts for designing the S-IVB stage of the Saturn IB and Saturn V rockets.[6] Nova rocket concepts were still being considered, but they were put on the “backburner” by NASA, only to be viewed as backup.[5]

When the secret space force Solar Warden (See US Space Force),[7] was revealed to the World c. 2002,[8] USSPACECOM was immediately absorbed into the United States Strategic Command[9] and Solar Warden was given a new code name. In fact, all US Space Command centers were absorbed, as if hidden from public view. Now enter President Trump’s 2018 proposal for the US Space Force as a “Space Corps”.[10] All of these measures pursuant of the Solar Warden. The hype of having the name “Solar Warden” in our vocabulary, has David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and William Tompkins owning Solar Warden as if it were their very own,[11] when none of them even knew what “Solar Warden” was before Gary McKinnon.[8] W. M. Tompkins' Star Destroyer look-alike designs,[12] allegedly for the Solar Warden,[11] should be taken with a “grain of salt”.

Tompkins real feat, is his contribution to the the S-IVB stage of the Saturn IB and Saturn V rockets; as well as his close rendition of the space fleet at the Sea of Tranquility to the Zenú out-of-place artifacts (See also Artefactos quimbaya).

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